Quality in Play is a quality assurance system developed by playwork practitioners to support supervised play and childcare provision for school-aged children.

Tried and tested in practice by hundreds of play and childcare providers for over 20 years, Play England is launching this fifth edition of Quality in Play as a free downloadable quality assurance system and framework for service development.

For play providers the challenge is to demonstrate quality and value for money whilst creating and maintaining excellent staffed play environments. Quality in Play is, first and foremost, about helping providers to achieve this, and being able to demonstrate that achievement. Quality in Play takes providers through a clear and systematic process, assessing every aspect of quality play provision. Whether starting out or well-established, working in the voluntary public or private sectors, Quality in Play is an essential tool for every play and childcare provider.

Play providers can use Quality in Play as a management tool to support continuous self-assessment and improvement.  It can be used by playworkers, playwork managers, local authority officers, charity trustees and all those with a role in supporting and delivering play services to demonstrate quality to commissioners and other funders.

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Play England also offers a Quality in Play assessment – a critical friend visit and report from an experienced assessor who can provide independent confirmation that quality standards are being evidenced, along with recommendations and advice for future development. Quality in Play accreditation is nationally recognised as a credible and authoritative indicator of excellence in play provision.

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