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Nature play activity recipes

Whether you’re a parent, playworker or teacher, use these nature play activity recipes to explore nature and help children experience the benefits of connecting with the natural environment through play.  

Communities build sustainability

Even in these tough times for play, some local groups still manage to raise funds for new play equipment or short-term projects. Finding the resources to maintain and replace them, and attracting revenue funding to employ playworkers, remains challenging, often leaving great playgrounds locked up for significant amounts of time. 

Creating Playful Communities

Creating Playful Communities – lessons learned from the Engaging Communities in Play programme sets out to demonstrate the benefits of community involvement in the management and maintenance of local play spaces. Equally importantly, it shows the role of communities in bringing their play spaces to life, and how, through their contribution, they can become hubs …

Play Shaper Evaluation Report

This report is an independent evaluation of the Play Shaper programme, demonstrating some of the successes of the programme to date and providing useful direction for the future of the programme.

Nottingham Play Forum

Nottingham Play Forum is an independent organisation owned by its members and operates under the name Playworks to support children’s play in Nottingham. Playworks provides a range of training, education, resources, support, advice and information to individuals, groups and organisations. Membership is open to local voluntary groups, families, schools, students and private organisations. Full members …

Toffee Park

Toffee Park is located in a densely populated area of south Islington, London. One of London’s smaller adventure playground sites, it is surrounded by a mixture of medium and high rise estates on the edge of the City.

Woodland Play Centre

DATE: September 2010 Woodland Play Centre is a privately owned company, set up by a qualified playworker. The founder, Louise Kennedy, bought ten acres of land and uses it for her play centre. The project is self funded but has made many successful funding applications, including money from the local Sustainable Development Fund.

St John The Baptist Church of England School

DATE: June 2009 At St John The Baptist Church of England School in Hoxton, play is a fundamental part of the school’s curriculum. The head teacher believes that introducing innovative play ideas in their school has had a great impact on the quality of children’s education and their enjoyment in school.