Woodland Play Centre

  • DATE: September 2010

Woodland Play Centre is a privately owned company, set up by a qualified playworker. The founder, Louise Kennedy, bought ten acres of land and uses it for her play centre. The project is self funded but has made many successful funding applications, including money from the local Sustainable Development Fund.

The project has contributed towards the well-being of the community. Children with behavioural problems at school, or with learning difficulties such as autism, find it difficult to socially engage with others and can benefit from the experiences at Woodland Play Centre. It gives children, who are frustrated or anxious, the opportunity to ‘let of steam’.

The founder of the centre ensures that she maintains good networks with local landowners and agencies, and works on reciprocal obligations with local people. A wide range of people enjoy the Woodland Centre; even people without children and from different age groups have offered to volunteer their time. Local people are offered a small incentive (drink and burger, for example) to help out on the grounds. Parents who work for local businesses bring recourses from their work, such as large ropes, or spare cut-offs for building purposes. The play centre also offers their services to hard-to-reach groups and schools carrying out Duke of Edinburgh Award.