Tools for evaluating play provision: The local play indicators

Play England local play indicators have been developed to support both top tier and second tier local authorities in assessing and managing their own performance in providing play opportunities to local children.

The indicators focus on participation, accessquality and satisfaction of local spaces and facilities for play and informal recreation. Play England, with Ashley Godfrey Associates, INSPIRE, and Bristol City Council, have developed and piloted the local play indicators over the past four years.

Tools for evaluating local play provision: A technical guide to Play England local play indicators

This technical guidance was produced to provide local authorities with a clear understanding of local play indicators and the recommended methods of data collection and analysis. A summary version and list of frequently asked questions are also available below.

For ease of use the guidance appendices are available here as separate files. These files are the practical tools that local authorities can use in conjunction with this guidance to evaluate their play provision.

Please note: Appendix 3 was produced by Bristol City Council. When using the survey in its current format please ensure that Bristol City Council’s logo is not removed. Local authorities can redesign the survey to fit their own identity/brand requirements using the existing questions, but we request that Play England, Bristol City Council and the Big Lottery Fund are acknowledged for developing it.

Summary and frequently asked questions

A summary of the technical guidance and a document containing answers to frequently asked questions about the play indicators are available here:

Playable Space Quality Assessment Tool

This guide provides detailed information on how to use the Quality Assessment Tool, part of the suite of tools that local authorities can use to evaluate their play provision.

Piloting the playable space Quality Assessment Tool

This report, originally produced by INSPIRE in 2007, details the findings from the Quality Assessment Tool pilot conducted by six local authorities in 2006/2007.

Play indicators evaluation report

Ashley Godfrey Associates piloted the local play indicators with six local autorities in 2006-2007. This report contains a detailed description of the play indicators and pilot process in the six areas; together with an evaluation of the four pilot indicators.