Places to go? research report

Sustrans have published a summary of research, on behalf of Play England, exploring issues related to safer streets, neighbourhoods, and sustainable transport to create a more child-friendly public realm.

The research, carried out by JMP and Rethinking Cities, is part of Play England’s Places to Go project. The project aims to change policy and practice so that children and young people can have more opportunities to enjoy their local streets and neighbourhoods, and have better access to travel and transport.

Calls to action

The research summary contains a number of calls for action for decision makers. These include:

  • More child-friendly, physically and socially safe streets and public space
  • Increased participation of children and young people in transport planning, resulting in changes in policy and investment levels
  • Greater investment in safe local streets in which children can cycle and walk without fear of traffic
  • Greater investment and policy development of sustainable transport that benefits children and young people’s needs and wishes
  • Greater access to public transport and affordability of public transport for young people.

The report contains a Manifesto for Change, which recommends where government, local decision makers, planners and designers can work to better co-ordinate policies aimed at improving travel, outdoor play space, and the public spaces and neighborhoods where children live.

Places to Go? A summary of research evidence [1.27MB PDF]