Farley Nursery School

Farley Nursery School offers a unique approach to early childhood learning, where children are encouraged to spend their time playing outdoors in natural settings in Salisbury.

This play provision is an example of:

  • Early childhood provision
  • Organised activities
  • Free/unstructured play
  • Schools and extended schools
  • Natural play
  • Pre-booked sessions
  • Rural areas.


Farley Nursery School gives children the opportunity to spend most of their time in outdoor space. They spend their time planting, digging, painting and exploring their surrounds. The provision offers acres of space so children can learn through self directed play.


The service has been used as a flagship model for play provision in the area. It is free flow so there is no structure to the play, and 90 per cent of play takes place in an outdoor environment, all year round. The staff believe that the outdoor experiences make the children happy, healthy, independent and confident. Sickness records are very low due to the healthy lifestyle the children have.

The nursery is fully accessible for disabled children, and as they offer free play so children of all abilities can play at their own pace and in their own way. Children play within the natural surroundings using materials such as logs or plants, rather than fixed play equipment. Approximately 50 children attend the nursery on a regular basis.

Children and community involvement

Staff ask children for their views about the nursery school and their feedback helps to shape the play environement, for example, the children requested a sandpit, which has now been installed. Ideas from parents and the community are taken on board, and there is a Parents Association who has active involvement in the more social side of the school. Farley Nursery School receives letters from parents showing their appreciation of the service.

Staff, policies and funding

Farley Nursery School currently employs 17 members of staff. Qualifications vary. The principal, like some other members of staff, is a qualified teacher and Early Years professional; others have NVQ’s or diplomas. The nursery is a private company, funded through the fees from parents.

Further information

Farley Nursery School offer childcare designed for children aged between 6 months and 5 years old (or 8 years within the holiday periods). The service runs from 8am to 6pm everyday (regardless of weather conditions). The fees vary depending on the service received; this ranges from around £4 up to around £44 pounds. Places must be booked in advance.


Sue Palmer (Principal)
Farley Nursery School
Old School House
Church Road
Salisbury SP5 1AH

Web: www.farleynurseryschool.com
Email: info@farleynurseryschool.com

Updated December 2008