Exploring Nature Play: Wild food walk

Learning about nature’s food source at Fort Apache Adventure Playground, Torbay.

The magical part of Exploring Nature Play is that you can learn about the food that grows wild where you play, and you can forage safely!

The amount of food we waste every year is always on the news, so what about the food that grows freely around us and how can we forage safely?

We invited a local forager and explorer to take us on a wild food walk around our favourite play spaces, and it was amazing the amount of food we had that could be safely eaten!

Wild radish with its rough leaves that can be chopped finely into salads added to soups and stews or mashed into potatoes.

Thistles where you take the biggest leaves firmly in hand turn upside down, press edges together and bite the stem running along the leaf. You can also wait until the purple petals show above the thistle flower base, then grip and pull them apart, taking everything off the base of the flower which is an oily nut.

We also learnt how to make natural plasters from yarrow and lots of plants that make yummy herbal teas and we found out about what not to eat!

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A handout sheet was made from our walk to help us identify plants when our local forager isn’t around! If you decide to have a wild food walk, make sure you get an expert to help you and make your own sheet of what you can and can’t eat!

It is also important to remember to wash your hands after your walk as some plants can cause irritation just by touching them.

With thanks to Theo Tanser – Play Torbay Community Play Development worker at Fort Apache – for sourcing the walk and Ffyona Campbel our forager and explorer. For more information see www.wildfoodwalks.co.uk.

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