Exploring Nature Play: Searching for a Geocache

  • DATE: September 2013

Searching for treasure at Shiremoor Adventure Playground, North Tyneside

The magical part of Exploring Nature Play is that it can turn your nature walk into an outdoor adventure.

Geocaching is for everyone and you can have hours of fun searching for a geocache.

A typical geocache is a small waterproof container containing a log book- remember to sign and date this when you find it- and leave a message for the next person if you want. It’s a small treasure chest and you may also find small trinkets in it that you can swap. If you take one out remember to leave another one in its place – so go prepared.

Always make sure you put the geocache back exactly where you found it.

We invited a local volunteer to come and explain how to geocache with the young people. You will need a Global Positioning System (GPS) or an android or iphone where you can download a free geocaching app.

To find where the geocaches are, just sign into the website www.geocaching.com and choose a location to search for one. There are lots to choose from, and once you have chosen one, enter its co-ordinates into your GPS or phone.

The young people have great fun using the GPS. It doesn’t give an exact location and sometimes they are well hidden, so give yourselves plenty of time to enjoy the hunt and the new techno challenge. The young people worked together and there was plenty of laughter and healthy competition between them to see who could find the geocache first.

Once you’ve found your geocache, log your find on www.opencaching.com, and pick your next one! There are geocaches located all over the world and in some interesting places e.g. up mountains, in caves, on beaches and beside streams, so you will always have a new challenge ahead. Having done this once, you will definitely want to do it again- it’s great fun.Exploring Nature Play: Searching for a Geocache