Exploring Nature Play: Pot noodles

Cooking and communities at Fort Apache Adventure Playground, Torbay.

The magical part of Exploring Nature Play is that it’s for all ages and abilities.

Some of the older children wanted to become helpers at our adventure playground so we enrolled a group of them to prepare the lunch on Saturdays. Some would help light the fire whilst others would get the ‘kitchen area’ ready. All our meals are shared events with everyone mucking in and helping with cutting, peeling, stirring etc.

When asked what they would like to eat – one of the first suggestions was Pot Noodles as they didn’t need to do anything but boil water and stir!

So we decided to make our own, using fresh vegetables and easy cook noodles – very successful and much healthier.

Cooking and eating is a great way to get everyone involved and it’s amazing how many children turn up at lunch time!

In order to move this on we are hoping to forage for food for our lunches and hopefully begin to grow our own vegetables that we can use in a variety of recipes.