Exploring Nature Play: Growing butterflies

Learning about the lifecycle of earth’s creatures at Shiremoor Adventure Playground, North Tyneside

The magical part of Exploring Nature Play is that you can learn about metamorphosis (the changing forms in the life cycle of a butterfly) in a fun way.

One of the best ways for children to learn about insects is through firsthand experience.

We ordered a butterfly garden, with live caterpillars, from a special website, and children placed the caterpillars into individual larvae food pots before leaving them in a warm dry place. Over the next two to three weeks they watched the larvae gradually turn into chrysalises.

Once this process had taken place, they placed the chrysalises into a special butterfly house and kept them in a warm, quiet place until they began to emerge into beautiful butterflies. We then released the butterflies into the wildflower meadow where they made straight for the buddleia that other children had planted.