Training providers interested in seeking endorsement should download the application pack here.  Having read the guidance, if training providers wish to progress in gaining endorsement, they should notify us at  of their intended submission date, allowing themselves three months to generate the required evidence. Play England will then generate an invoice, to enable the provider to arrange payment.  Providers should then complete the paperwork as explained in the guidance notes and submit it electronically to by the date they have agreed.  The endorsement fee should be submitted at the same time as the evidence either by cheque or via BACS.  Submissions cannot be considered by the Play England Endorsement Panel until the fee has been received.

As of 1 April 2019 the fees are as follows:

  • £300 to be sent with initial course submission and
  • £100 for each additional course submitted

The Play England Endorsement Panel will consider the submission and the training provider will be notified of the decision, and given feedback, within twelve weeks of submission.

Endorsement Panel members will consider the submission in the light of five measures. To successfully gain endorsement, the course will:

  • represent good practice in playwork
  • make sense and be cohesive
  • be based in active learning rather than ‘chalk and talk’
  • represent a quality experience for the learners
  • be underpinned by the Playwork Principles [1]

In addition, the applicant must provide the relevant appropriate evidence, which is listed in the application form.

Successfully endorsed courses will be listed on this website and the applicant invited to write a brief blog to accompany the text. Successful providers will also be given a ‘Play England Endorsed’ logo for use on course certificates and publicity materials.

Should the course be unsuccessful on first application, feedback will be provided to help the provider prepare for resubmission. More information on this can be found in the application pack.

Courses are initially endorsed for three years following which a full application will need to be made again, and the endorsement fee paid.  Play England will send a reminder to the training provider six months before endorsement expires, to enable endorsement to be renewed.

[1] The Playwork Principles are the basis for the professional and ethical framework for playwork and can be found at

Endorsed Courses