A Play England Briefing, 15 June 2020

One of the most toxic effects to come out of the current pandemic is the destructive impact it has had on children’s play; the spaces they play in, the degree of freedom they experience and their ability to choose what they do and how they do it.

Instead, children have been imprisoned in the home, often in the same space as tired and pressured parents. The potential increase in poor mental and physical health from this mix, not to mention its likely developmental consequences is obvious.

This short document is intended to provide a framework making it possible to address the issues arising from the impact on play of corona virus and help those who will be dealing with the fall-out when the virus has abated and as parents begin to take their children to different play and child-care facilities again.

With an introduction from Bob Hughes, this Play England briefing is intended to support practitioners to reintroducing opportunities for children’s play.

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