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Our submission to Labour Party Consultation on Statutory Youth Services

Today, Play England made its full submission to the Labour Party’s consultation on Building Statutory Youth Services.

Play England welcomes Labour’s consultation on ‘Building a statutory youth service’. We support the creation of a National Strategy for Youth Work and a Charter underpinned by law, to define sufficient levels as well as a sustainable funding model to support the delivery of a statutory youth service. We believe that making youth services statutory will be of vital benefit to the health and wellbeing of our young people, and to the future of our society.

We also see the consultation as an important opportunity to address the need to protect, defend and rebuild an integrated approach to delivering play to support all children in England.  In our submission, we outline play’s myriad benefits, the unique nature of play and playwork and hence the need for a statutory duty for play and play sufficiency, backed up with a separate national, mandated body and charter.

To download our submission in full, click here.


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