Consultation on Labour Party’s proposal to make youth service statutory

The Labour Party has opened a consultation on ‘Building a statutory youth service.’

Following this consultation process, the Party aims to create a ‘National Strategy for Youth Work and a Charter underpinned by law’ and ‘create a sustainable funding model to support the delivery of a statutory youth service’

The Party has said that “it should be the responsibility of the Secretary of State to promote and secure sufficient youth services, working together with local authorities and voluntary bodies. To support this ambition, a Labour Government would mandate a national body with dedicated ring fenced funding to oversee youth service provision across England. This body would work with all local youth service partnerships, review local youth strategies, monitor and distribute funding, and advise on professional and service standards.”

Play England believes this consultation is a great opportunity to support youth services and raise awareness about the need to protect, defend and rebuild playwork, playworkers and children’s access to free play provision.

Play England will be making a submission to this consultation.

What do you think?

We would like to get your views and input. If you want to submit to our response, please e-mail us by Monday 1 October.

To find out more about the consultation click here:


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