Children’s Right to Play: Position Statement by the British Psychological Society

Play England warmly welcomes the Children’s right to play Position Statement published by the British Psychological Society.

The British Psychological Society’s Division of Educational and Child Psychology states that:

  • Child-led play is a critical enabler of children’s holistic development and wellbeing.
  • Educational psychologists have a key role in championing opportunities for child-led play for all children both in and outside school, for example through:
    • Challenging practice that restricts or reduces access to play.
    • Advocating for access to play within casework.
    • Supporting whole-school initiatives to promote play.
  • Withdrawing break time opportunities for play in school should never be used as a punishment (e.g. for misbehaviour or completing unfinished work), nor the threat of withdrawal be used to control children’s behaviour.
  • All children and young people should have access to free, high quality, local opportunities for play.
    • This is particularly important for children who may currently experience exclusion from play e.g. disabled children, children living in poverty or children from minority communities.

Full statement is available at:

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