Children’s Play Policy Forum Statement on Racism

As a group of play professionals, researchers and academics leading on issues pertaining to Play in the four nations we have agreed it to be important to respond to the terrible death of George Floyd and the profound outpouring of experiences, voices and outrage that have followed. 

We are deeply saddened that there has had to be another life lost to raise the issue of systemic racism in our countries.

The CPPF aim to build on this opportunity to highlight this issue to review our own work and membership.

We aim to include all children when we seek to look at play policy and are aware that we can always do more. We, like other groups cannot be complacent or accepting of racism in any form. 

We are aware of the shortcomings in the paucity of BAME colleagues both in our own group and in senior positions in the play sector more widely. We feel it is important for us to really look at and explore the impact of systemic racism on the children in our Countries 

We aim that this terrible event will ensure that we keep this issue central to our plans moving forward with the aim to help create a future with a level playing field. 

We will ensure that this statement underpins all our future discussions, work, interactions and publications.

Play England is a member of the Children’s Play Policy Forum. More information about the forum can be found at:

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