COVID-19 and Children’s Play

Download full report here. Written for the UK Play Safety Forum, including Play England, Play Scotland, Play Wales and PlayBoard Northern Ireland, by Professor David Ball, Tim Gill and Andy Yates. This report sumarises the emerging evidence on the effects of play restrictions in terms of a) reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission in the[…]

Experiences from Dudley

My name is Keith Rogers and I manage Sycamore Adventure Playground in Dudley for Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council and I am also a trustee for Play England. Like adventure playgrounds across the world, Sycamore Adventure is currently closed. Before the end of March, we would have 60 children in the morning, a different set of[…]

Insights from Bob Hughes. 20 April 2020

PPE, virus, deaths today, masks, Nightingale Hospital, Critical Care, stay at home, respirators, coughs, clapping for the NHS, Lockdown, oxygen., overwhelming, wash your hands, Corona, mass graves, peaks and plateau, anti-body  …………………………….what do children make of this, how might they react? For one thing, they are playing in doors, and while numbers of reported accidents[…]