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Children’s Play Policy Forum Statement on Racism

As a group of play professionals, researchers and academics leading on issues pertaining to Play in the four nations we have agreed it to be important to respond to the terrible death of George Floyd and the profound outpouring of experiences, voices and outrage that have followed.  We are deeply saddened that there has had …

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Experiences from Dudley, by Keith Rogers of Sycamore Adventure Playground

My name is Keith Rogers and I manage Sycamore Adventure Playground in Dudley for Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council and I am also a trustee for Play England. Like adventure playgrounds across the world, Sycamore Adventure is currently closed. Before the end of March, we would have 60 children in the morning, a different set of …

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What do children make of this Corona world and how might they react? Insights from Bob Hughes, author of A Taxonomy of Play Types

PPE, virus, deaths today, masks, Nightingale Hospital, Critical Care, stay at home, respirators, coughs, clapping for the NHS, Lockdown, oxygen., overwhelming, wash your hands, Corona, mass graves, peaks and plateau, anti-body  …………………………….what do children make of this, how might they react? For one thing, they are playing in doors, and while numbers of reported accidents …

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A Manifesto for Play: Policy Proposals for Children’s Play in England

Play England, the Playwork Foundation and International Play Association England are delighted to have joined forces to publish a Manifesto for Play, ahead of any upcoming General Election. The Manifesto, based on a consultation with children’s professionals, calls on Britain’s political parties to include Leadership, Legislation and Investment in children’s play in their election manifestos …


Playwork Qualifications – Level 3 Diploma (NVQ)

Good news! NCFE CACHE has decided to continue offering the Level 3 Diploma in Playwork (NVQ) (reference no: 501/0997/2) and also the Level 2 Diploma in Playwork (NVQ) (reference no. 500/9047/1) indefinitely. Play England spoke to a staff member at the awarding body recently who confirmed that their database shows an end date of 31 …