Our projects aim to support and deliver our vision of a society where all children have the freedom and space to play throughout childhood. We work with national organisations, the government and the play sector to pioneer ways of improving access, increasing capacity and ensuring quality play opportunities for all children and young people in England.


Adventure into Sport is a Play England project which used play as a springboard into sport and active lifestyles for children and their parents. The project is funded by Sport England and the National Lottery.

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SAFERPLAY is a Project Partnership of organisations across six European countries  – from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic and England –  that have come together with financial support from the EU’s Erasmus+ fund. SAFERPLAY aims to establish cooperation across these European countries through the development and provision of an innovative, ICT-based open training resource. Universities and training providers, research associations, community organisations, and play experts, as well as the key stakeholders responsible for the design and safety of play spaces, represented mainly by architects and designers, businesses and local authorities are collaborating to develop this open-resource training.

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Past projects:

Street Play

Play England, with national partners Playing Out, London Play and the University of Bristol, developed the highly successful Street Play project, funded by the Department of Health. The Street Play project supported parents to hold regular road closures for play, with a sustainable network of over 5,000 volunteers creating over 60,000 additional play opportunities.

Play England’s newly published research on the Street Play project has identified increases in children’s moderate to vigorous physical activity when they play out. Download the reports here!



Play England has also successfully delivered a number of high profile programmes to extend and improve children’s play across the UK. We have delivered major government contracts and supported every local authority in England to produce and implement local play strategies.

Adventure playgrounds: community play hubs

Children’s Play Initiative

Engaging Communities in Play

Exploring Nature Play

Get Involved in Play

Playbuilders and pathfinders