It means working as a staff and management team to organise your policies and procedures – ‘how we do things here’ – into a portfolio of evidence. The portfolio can be paper-based or electronic or a mixture of both – as long as it is well-organised, accessible and easy to use.

This will take a bit of time and effort to begin with, but it will save a huge amount of time and effort in the future, helping you to get on with what you really want to do – creating a great play environment for children.

How? Because you will have created a management and team development framework tailored to your particular provision and your playwork ethos. You can also use the portfolio to:

  • show existing funders or commissioners that your project is a safe pair of hands
  • meet the requirements of Ofsted or other regulatory inspections
  • induct new staff and management
  • provide robust evidence to new funders or commissioners
  • organise your website, social media and other publicity
  • apply for external assessment to gain a nationally-recognised quality award

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