Anita Grant, Chief Executive of Islington Play Association, which has successfully tendered to run six adventure playgrounds in Islington. She says, “having a quality assurance system purely for and knowledgeable about play has been extremely important in the improvement in and recognition of adventure play services in Islington. The framework allows for an agreed approach whilst also supporting the freedom and flexibility that is fundamental to play.”

An independent evaluation report commissioned by Play England from play consultancy Ludemos in 2010 said, “with regards to a playwork approach or playwork ethos, QiP was found time-and-again to have made a significant difference in practice to individuals, their teams, to children and, in one case, a whole authority. Those who had embraced the process described how ‘the light bulb was switched on’ for them, or how they had been on a ‘learning journey of team understanding’. They and their colleagues reported the many benefits for children, staff, the setting and the wider community. This was in terms of additional play opportunities, better quality of work, more fun, good use of time and more play opportunities in the wider community, such as increased events and mobile or detached work with a playwork approach.”


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