The Play Safety Forum has produced Managing Risk in Play Provision  to help strike a balance between the risks and the benefits of offering children challenging play opportunities.

This implementation guide shows how play providers can replace current risk assessment practice with an approach that fully takes into account the benefits to children and young people of challenging play experiences. The document's overall approach will be useful for those who manage spaces and settings in which children play, and for those involved in designing and maintaining them.

The managing risk in play provision implementation guide builds on the Play Safety Forum's position statement  Managing risk in play provision  (Play Safety Forum, 2002). It starts from the principle that ultimate responsibility for making decisions rests with the provider, although outside expertise and advice is always valuable.

This second edition of the guide was written by David Ball, Tim Gill and Bernard Spiegal.

The new RBA tool developed by the Play Safety Forum and co-authored by Tim, Professor David Ball and Bernard Spiegal can be downloaded here: 

Risk Benefit Assessment Tools



Managing Risk in Play Provision [PDF 6.9MB]

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