A journey, not a destination: Evaluating the impact of Quality in Play

This report presents findings from an evaluation of Quality in Play; a national quality assurance programme for staffed play providers.

Play England commissioned Ludemos Associates – Perry Else, Julia Sexton and Eddie Nuttall – to assess the impact of Quality in Play (QiP) for providers undertaking the programme, on their:

  • practice and quality of provision for children’s play
  • organisational standards
  • engagement with the wider community
  • the influence QiP had in working with funding bodies, inspectors and other agencies.

This was done by interviewing and visiting active and lapsed providers using the case study method.

  • Thirteen varied settings were consulted for the evaluation, with views collected from practitioners, management members and support agencies
  • Active and lapsed users of QiP were visited and interviewed

Thirteen different settings were involved in the research, from different geographical
locations and with different forms of management and support. A total of 29 individuals were interviewed for their views of the process and the difference it made to the provider’s practice and to children’s play. Most settings were still active in the QiP assessment, though three sites that no longer used the scheme were contacted for their views on the process.

There was remarkable consistency in the comments across the sites and areas.

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