Play builds children: looking forward to Play Day 2019

Play England is delighted to be working in partnership on Play Day, Wednesday 7 August 2019, with PlayBoard Northern Ireland, Play Scotland and Play Wales.

This year’s theme is: Play Builds Children.

The Playday 2019 theme aims to highlight the many ways in which play is beneficial to children and young people.

* Play Builds Friendships – playing allows children to interact with others, develop relationships, deal with conflict, and learn respect and tolerance.

* Play Builds Resilience – playing boosts children’s confidence, creativity, problem-solving skills and perseverance, enabling them to cope with stress and challenges throughout life.

* Play Builds Health and Well-being – being active through play helps children physically and emotionally, contributing to their health and happiness.

* Play Builds Communities – playing allows children to learn about the world around them, make connections, and develop a sense of identity and belonging.

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