Wild Network

Wild Network

Play England is a founding member of the Wild Network – a unique and pioneering collaboration between organisations both large and small to let kids get back their ‘wild time’ and reverse the trend of children losing touch with the natural world and playing outdoors.

The Wild Network has been launched with three specific aims:

  • To get the scale of the problems of children losing touch with nature and outdoor play recognised as a challenge for society and Government
  • To provide opportunities for children to connect with nature and outdoor play
  • To bring real and meaningful change so that children have the access and opportunity to enjoy nature and the outdoors that previous generations have enjoyed.

If you want nature, wildness and free-range living to play an important part in the lives of today’s children then join the Wild Network – thousands of people and more than 350 organisations have joined so far!

Join in the conversation about reconnecting kids with nature by using the hashtags #wildtime or #projectwildthing on twitter.