Play England is an independent charity. We rely on funding from our members as well as from grant-giving organisations. We provide vital support and resources to ensure that children’s freedom and space to play throughout childhood is defended and improved.

You can help us keep this vital work going by donating now. 

Government funding for our Street Play project has enabled us to provide an estimated 40,000 play opportunities for children, many in areas of disadvantage. However, this funding comes to an end in March 2016.

We believe that it is vital that projects like Street Play can continue so that more children can enjoy the freedom to play out in the streets where they live. But more and more obstacles are being placed in the way of children’s opportunities to play out.

Whilst 71% of adults played in the street or area near their home everyday when they were a child, because of increased traffic and other safety fears, only 21% of children do so today. Due to funding cuts, many playgrounds and public spaces are being neglected or closed down.

This is a really serious problem and is affecting the health and wellbeing of our children. But with the right kind of support and training, parents and other community volunteers can make a real difference.

This is why the work of Play England and our partner organisations is so crucial.

We are urging supporters to help to keep this vital work going.

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