A Manifesto for Play: Policy Proposals for Children’s Play in England

Writing to MPs

Play England, the Playwork Foundation and International Play Association [England] are delighted to jointly publish a Manifesto for Play, ahead of any upcoming General Election.

We are asking all members and supporters to write to their Member of Parliament asking MPs to support the Manifesto for Play.

Why write to Members of Parliament?

Members of Parliament and the Government have a vital role in agreeing Policy, Legislation and Investment in children’s play in England.

Writing to your local MP helps to raise the profile of play and reminds policy-makers of the importance of play in children’s lives and the role that they can play in supporting play.

Finding and contacting your MP

You can find out who your MP is and how to contact them by going to:


How to write to your MP

MPs and their researchers tell us that an original letter or email sent by one committed, passionate constituent is far more powerful than a pile of identical letters or postcards.

So it’s best to use your own words and speak from your own knowledge and experience about the importance of play.

Top Tips

  • Be succinct. Try to keep it to one side of A4.
  • Just raise one issue – don’t try to raise lots of different things
  • Include your address – so your MP can reply

How to structure your letter or email

  • Start with a sentence introducing yourself, eg I am a parent living in your constituency or I work for a play service in your constituency.
  • Say why you are writing to them, eg I am writing to ask you to support the policies set out in the Manifesto for Play (attached or enclosed).
  • Say something in your own words about why play is important for children and families. You might want to mention that play helps children build social skills and friendships, or that play is vital for children’s health and wellbeing. You can use the Manifesto for Play for ideas.
  • Include some facts and statistics about play. These might be statistics from your local play service. Or you can find some play facts in the Play builds Children statement.
  • If you run a local play service or organisation, you could invite your MP to visit to see the vital work that play services do.
  • Enclose or attach a copy of the Manifesto for Play.
  • Finish by saying that you would welcome your MP’s support for the policies set out in the Manifesto and ask if they could respond giving their views.

Follow up

Play England would be pleased if you could share your letter and any response from your MP with us by email to info@playengland.net

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